“Security must always serve freedom.”

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About sipol.at

Peace, security and stability are mutually dependent and constitute the very foundation of a free, democratic and prosperous society. An in depth and mutual understanding of how to preserve peace, security and stability is a sine qua non for forward-looking and sustainable decision making and policy implementation in matters of the economy, science, politics, the arts as well as the most basic levels of human interaction.


sipol.at is a strictly non-partisan venture aiming to promote a critical discourse on collective security in order to develop a comprehensive understanding of the subject area. We are anti-dogmatic, democratic and hold high the values and principles of humanism. Our initiatives aim at building bridges, raising awareness, generating knowledge and fostering elucidation as well as overal societal, economic and political resilience in a free Europe.


It is our goal to provide citizens in Austria and Europe with a comprehensive understanding of security concepts. This aims at creating a platform for informed debate and a mutual agreement on the relevance, costs and limitations of collective security.

“Understanding security – Sicherheit verstehen”