Two Weeks in Austrian Defence | Feb 11

In Blog, English by Chiara Libiseller

Cross border aerial surveillance between Austria and Switzerland >>> Boating accident >>> Shortage of pilots >>> Western Balkans footprint under revision 

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Cross border aerial surveillance between Austria and Switzerland

Effective February 1, air assets of Austria and Switzerland are enabled to cross the two countries’ shared border when engaged in air policing operations, i.e. for the purpose of intercepting other aircraft.



Public prosecutors have now decided to charge the boatman involved in the accident, a non-commissioned officer, for negligence. Based on a Bundesheer commission report on the accident as well as images and videos, the prosecutors suspect that a driving error by the boatman might have caused the accident.


Shortage of Bundesheer pilots

Referring to an unnamed internal paper, the Austrian news magazine Profil reports that there is a shortage of pilots in the Austrian forces. While this fact has been public already, the magazine substantiates it with concrete numbers: whereas 200 pilots are necessary for 24/7 readiness for national and international operations, there are currently only 151 pilots. As for the causes, the magazines refers to the cutbacks between 2007 and 2016 and the limited attractiveness of this role within the armed forces: a trade unionist associated with the military airfield Hörsching is quoted stating that, last year, 10 active pilots have switched from the military to the private sector.


Kunasek pondering a lighter footprint in the Western Balkans

Defence minister Kunasek has announced a reconsideration of the number of Austrian troops engaged in the Western Balkans over the medium term; the ultimate goal is to hand over full responsibility for security and stability to the respective countries themselves. Currently, 717 Austrians are deployed with the NATO mission in Kosovo (KFOR) and the EU mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina (EUFOR Althea). No final decision or timeline have been announced, however.